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Whole leaf tea bags + CBD extract

Waveland is about watching the sunset, not posting a picture of it.

black tea with hemp extract

Black Tea+CBD extract

Black tea steeped in paradise. Our South Indian black teas are overlaid with bright citrus notes to create a refreshing drink with a mellow tropical character, perfect for any time of year.

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green tea with hemp extract

Green Tea+CBD extract

A delightfully cooling mixture of peppermint leaves with classic Chinese gunpowder green tea. This thoughtful blend is an artful balance of minty high notes and earthy mid tones.

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Customer Testimonials

Aaron P.

Tucson, AZ

“I’ve tried a lot of CBD products, but Waveland is the first that consistently provides the balanced feeling I’ve been seeking.”

Pilar B.

Denver, CO

“As a long time tea drinker, I’m so pleased to have found a way to incorporate the benefits of CBD into my daily habits. Would highly recommend!”

Joanne R.

San Francisco, CA

“This tea quality is insane - I’d drink it everyday, even if it didn’t have hemp extract. Keep the good vibes rolling, guys. You have a winning formula on your hands!”
herbal tea with hemp extract

Herbal Tea+CBD extract

Caffeine-free, but heavy on botanicals. Our smooth base of South African rooibos is layered with cinnamon, sarsaparilla, and licorice for an herbal medley suitable for days and nights.

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white tea with hemp extract

White Tea+CBD extract

A fragrant blend of Shou Mei white tea and yerba mate sets the tone for our favorite energizing cup. Cardamom lends a complex spicy and herbal note, and we layer in sweet mango for an island punch.

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