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About Our Tea

In the beginning, there was waves.

Waveland is about watching the sunset, not posting a picture of it. It’s about out-of-office messages, crack-of-dawn hikes, and impromptu taco runs. It’s about beach bonfires, backyard BBQs, and forgetting to bring your cellphone to the concert.

So, come for the CBD, stay for the vibes.

Rooted in quality.

The CBD industry is awash with false proclamations and cheap ingredients, so we created something that we wished existed in the world: a functional beverage made with quality ingredients, beautifully packaged, and designed to help you channel the sunny side of life. We’re open about what our products have, and what they don’t. Rest assured, there’s nothing superficial.

We source CBD from farms that embrace organic practices, and are passionate about using all parts of the hemp plant to gain the broadest possible of good-for-you effects that we can. You can read more about our CBD sourcing here.

From water, to waves.

We believe in the powers of CBD, and the power of tea. We source whole leaf tea from the far corners of the world, blend it with flavorful ingredients, and add our proprietary broad-spectrum CBD. The final result is tea that’s rooted in classic flavors, but designed for modern times.